How To: Play poker dice using poker hands

Play poker dice using poker hands

How to Play poker dice using poker hands

The object of Poker Dice is to get the best possible five-card poker hand.
You Will Need
* Five poker dice
* A dice cup
* Two or more players
* A dice tray

Step 1: Put dice in cup
Put the poker dice in the dice cup. The six faces of each die simulate a playing card deck's top six markings: ace, king, queen, jack, ten, and nine.

Poker dice hands use five-card poker rankings from highest to lowest.

Step 2: Shake dice cup and roll
Shake the dice cup and roll the dice onto a dice tray or another flat surface. Each player gets one roll.

Step 3: Stand pat or roll again
Stand pat with your first hand, or set aside some of your hand and re-roll the remainder. Any dice set aside cannot be re-rolled.

Step 4: Best poker hand wins
The player with the best poker hand wins.

Fact: The game Yahtzee evolved from a variation of Poker Dice.

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