How To: Play Multi Table Sit and Go’S

Play Multi Table Sit and Go’S

Your average sit and go player will probably stick to the single, 9 or 10 person tables that are commonly found at all the popular online poker rooms. However, your more adventurous players aren't afraid to try out the multi-table sit and go's like the 180 man SNGs when they get a chance. But there are a few things players should keep in mind before starting out with the MTT SNG tournaments.

The Early Stages

Perhaps the toughest part of any multi-table sit and go is getting past the first part. That's because there are a lot of maniacs in the early going who will go all-in at different points in an effort to double their stack. The bad part is that sometimes these players will hit their all-in call, which could knock you out of the tournament quick. Make sure to avoid tangling with these players unless you're sure you have them beat.


Just like any other multi-table tournament, it is very tempting to focus on the action away from your table. But once you start worrying about other tables and what's going on there, you lose focus of your own play. That's why you need to only focus on what you are doing, and leave the other tables alone. With that being said, it's perfectly fine to check out how many players are left once in a while and the average chip count - just keep it to a minimum.

Final Table

Your stack size will dictate how you should play the final table. Short stacks need to find a good opportunity where they can double up; medium stacks can relax a little because they don't have to worry about being blinded out, but they still need to make a move at some point; big stacks should look for every opportunity they can to exploit the smaller stacks.

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