How To: Play Texas Hold'em

Play Texas Hold'em

To play Texas Hold 'em, you need: a deck of cards, an object to be used for the blind (also known as the dealer button), and money. The person with the object is dealt first. They also bid first. Deal 2 cards to each player. Now, deal four cards to the center of the table. One of them should be dealt face down. The others should be face up. Each player takes turns stating whether they want to check, bet, or fold. Fold is when you don't want to continue in the play. Check is when you want to continue, but you don't want to put up any money. Bid is when you want to put money in the pot. The Dealer button rotates with each hand that is dealt. You burn one card for each card that you lay down in the center, after the first four. Hands are ranked by the value of the hand.

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