How To: Cheat at Texas Hold'em poker with no sleight of hand

Cheat at Texas Hold'em poker with no sleight of hand

This how-to video shows how to easily cheat at poker with no complicated skills or sleight of hand. If you can count, you can do this method. With a little awareness and utilizing some principles from magic tricks, you can control what cards are dealt out to yourself and others. Watch this video tutorial and learn how to hustle while playing Texas Hold'em. Just be careful of who you're playing with.

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Great video. Check out for more videos and how-tos on cheating at poker.

it is good video

thats why you cut the deck

seems pretty cool if your playing in a not so serious game where people aren't watching stuff like that and cutting the deck, i will have to try that sometime

oh! i like this video

oh! i like this video

Great, if no one insists on a cut before the deal. All poker games require a cut from the dealer's right.

what if they fold?
can you do it then?
if so make another video

and wont it be obvious if they see the same cards?

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